Christmas Displays from Around The World

Christmas Trees and Holiday Lights are one of life’s magical moments. 

Each year, we at Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone  love to select many displays both here in the USA and around the globe to showcase. 

 Christmas Displays Dazzling from the USA


Christmas Displays Sparkling from Around the World
Which Christmas Display is your favorite?


Elegant Thanksgiving Table Settings

As we approach Thanksgiving to give thanks for all that we’ve been blessed with throughout the year, here are some quick tips on setting the table for your thanksgiving feast and TO GIVE THANKS IN STYLE...

Whether keeping it simple with an understated elegance or creating an elaborate setting, below are a few tips as well samples of beautiful tablescapes.

For Table Linens, use a fusion of colors and textures, like a standard white linen with a burlap runner, or a bold colorful tablecloth with some metallic placemats as accents. However, keep in mind in order to create a harmonized environment, all should compliment your existing dining room decor.
Create an artful arrangement of colorful plates, shapely platters and beautiful bowls. Use different elevations for your serving platters to create visual impact; footed cake plates with serving dishes on top or three tiered trays to hold dinner rolls, entree' sides or anything in between. By adding height and dimension you will make a flat table look elegant and allow more room for the other festive dishes.

Keep your centerpieces low, allowing ease of conversation with the guests across the table.  Present a beautiful floral centerpiece runner or perhaps bring the outdoor fall elements inside by utilizing gourds, pumpkins, pine cones or birch bark; add small unscented votive candle for a warm ambiance.  You can even sprinkle sprigs of greenery and fresh cranberries between the centerpieces.

Next stack various plates to create the feeling of luxury.  Start with a metallic or wood charger and then stack various sized plates in layers to create a lovely place setting.

Wrap your napkins with either a napkin ring or some pretty ribbon or do a basic napkin fold with a festive feather tucked in.  On top of each plate, get creative and add a simple piece of fruit, one pine cone or even a carved pumpkin for added flair.


Lastly, create a Cocktail/Beverage bar for guests to make their own drinks; create a signature drink like a Cinnamon Spiced Coffee or an Apple Cranberry Pumpkin Martini.

The little details will add panache to your table settings!

Happy Thanksgiving To All!  

***Images from:


Halloween Decor Concepts by Metro Luxe Events

Metro Luxe Events believes that Halloween decorations don't always have to be scary goblins and old skeletons.  When decorating your home for Halloween you can create a chic and stylish theme just like any other holiday!

Choose an integrated color palette while keeping the decor elements bold but elegant.  If having a party, you can then add pops of scary features with the drinks, food and music!

Celebrate creatively and Have a Happy Halloween this year!

Images from Collage #1 top left to right:
Tombstone Cookies:
Witches Brew:

Images from Collage #2 top left to right:
Green Brew:

2013 Bridal Gown Trends for the Michigan Bride

The 2013 Bridal Market in New York kicked off this weekend, the place to be for bridal fashion trends and capture the predictions for next year’s wedding season.

Vera Wang’s collection was titled “Mei Meng” which means, “Dream” in Chinese. Always pushing the boundaries when she unveils her latest collections; never for the shy bride, always for the daring.

Vera Wang as well as Oscar de la Renta and Romona Keveza showcased their 2013 collections of bridal gowns.  Challenging the traditional white, ivory or ecru gown,  their creations were wrapped in the most luxurious shades of red!

Which fashion forward shade of red gown is your favorite?

Oscar took his pursuit of ‘out of the box’ thinking a little further by showcasing the Bridal Pantsuit as did Carolina Herrera.

However, one of hottest trends overall was the Peplum Gown. Straight from some of this year’s fashion runways, the look is modern yet classic.  Many bridal gown designers are embracing the peplum design in their collections.

*** Pictures from Top Left to Right : 

Red Gowns: Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang
Pant Suits:  Carolina Herrara, Sarah Jassir, Oscar de la Renta
Peplum Gowns: Amasale, Romona Keveza, Ines di Santo


Metro Luxe Events Interviewed by Signature J Magazine

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone was contacted by Janet Cruz, CEO, Founder & Publisher of Signature J Magazine to contribute to their upcoming Winter 2012 Issue of their fabulous magazine. 
Signature J is an e-magazine featuring arts, entertainment, and lifestyle content. The magazine focuses on stories about creative dynamos and up-and-coming artists that reveal a clear vision to the future like a thousand points of light.

Working with Malinda Pernell, Editor-in-Chief, we discussed how I began in the event design and planning industry, where I get my design inspirations as well as current trends in the event industry.

You can view the Article on Metro Luxe Candice Vallone here:  The Life of The Party Candice Vallone


Hanukkah Decor Inspiration

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone's Modern Twist on a fabulous Hanukkah Decor Inspiration!

Images From:

Menorah Gift Bags - Martha Stewart
Blue Star Table Setting - Google Images
Taper Candles - Pottery Barn
White Plate Placesetting -
Menorah Placesetting - Pottery Barn
Decorative Wrapped Gelts -
Hanukkah Cookies -
Blue Wrapped Gelt - Google Images

Animal Print Christmas Decor Inspirations

Today at Metro Luxe Events we're embracing our wild side - so today's Christmas Decor Inspiration is anything and everything Animal Print!  What a fun and unique way to decorate a 2nd room in the house!

Images From:
Martini Glass: Lolita
Leopard Tree Skirt: This Next
Table setting: PurpleChocolate
Stockings: Target
Wreath:  Wreath O Rama
Print Ornaments: Amazon


Pink & Gold Christmas Inspirations

Is Pink the new Red for Christmas? Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone created a soft and peaceful color scheme using Pink and Gold for a beautiful Christmas Decor Inspiration.

Images Take From:
Pink Wreath: The Lennoxx
Pink Christmas Tree: Shauna Younge Blog
Pink & Gold Martini: The Knot
Pink & Gold Ornaments & Tray: The Tablescaper Blog
Pink & Gold Ornaments: Martha Stewart
Pink & Gold Table setting: Jade Hollow
Gift Box with Clock Tag: Country Living
Pink & Gold Napkins: Martha Stewart


Jewel Tone Christmas Inspirations

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone  used various jewel tone decor' for this inspiration, to create a vibrant, rich and fabulous holiday theme!

Images Taken From:

Jewel Tone Wrapped Gifts: Selina Lake
Stockings: Kurt Adler Christmas Decor
Staircase Garland Decor: Purple Chocolate Home
Enamel Peacock Ornaments: Amber Eledge
Tablescape: The Knot
Jewel Tone Ornaments: Home Decorators


Silver Christmas Inspirations

Candice Vallone of Metro Luxe Events loves the Holidays! 

The Holidays are a time of reflection, celebration and decoration; lights twinkle while family and friends rejoice!

Create a holiday wonderland in your home – create magic....

Inspiration Images From:
Xmas Stockings: Frontgate, Pottery Barn
Garland & Wreath: Horchow
Tree Skirt & Room Decor: Frontgate 
Silver Birds: Pottery Barn
Beaded Tall Trees: Horchow


DIFFA 2011 Dine by Design

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone along with Executive Chef Daniel Vallone participated in the Diffa 2011 Cocktails by Design competition, held at Willy’s Overland Lofts.

We are proud to announce that Chef Daniel Vallone,  representing Tam-O-Shanter Country Club, and Candice Vallone of Metro Luxe Events who designed the tablescape, took first place for the “Best Appetizer” and also first place for the ‘Healthiest Dish.”

Executive Chef Daniel Vallone created a Sous Vide Lobster Tail, Grilled Chayote Squash and Avocado Salad, with a Charred Tomato and lime sauce, hinted with fresh basil and micro arugula. “I wanted to use the classic parings of tomato, basil and olive oil and fuse it with the classic tastes of avocado, lobster and arugula. Using fresh lime juice as the conduit.” The techniques that Chef Vallone used to create the dish are current with today’s food trends. He first used Transglutaminase to bond the lobster tails together from top to bottom. Using this approach, Chef Vallone was able to utilize the whole lobster tail and have a very consistent product that was evenly cooked.

Using the Thermocirulater, he slow poached the lobster tail under vacuum, in a low temperature water bath. Staying away from unnecessary fats and oils to make the dish as healthy as possible, for the tomato and lime sauce Chef Vallone used Xanthan Gum to stabilize the tomato, lime, cinnamon and star anise into a smooth velvety sauce.

With the poached lobster dish being beautifully presented, Candice Vallone of Metro Luxe Events created a tablescape to compliment the dish. “As guests approached the table, I wanted them to visualize looking into the bottom of the deep blue sea."

Using an aqua blue silk linen and a wave sequin overlay to capture the feeling of flowing deep blue water, Candice Vallone then scattered sea shells, various coral reef and stones throughout to showcase the natural sea life elements. Live Tropical Fish swam in bowls that were used to elevate a clear glass tabletop, where the delicious appetizers were presented on shell plates. For the backdrop and to complete the sea scape creation, we placed 3 large tropical floral arrangements made of orchids, seaweed, lillies and ornamental ginger.

Staying current with today’s event design trends, culinary techniques and healthy food choices are what set Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone and Chef Daniel Vallone apart. From the masterful art of cooking and culinary presentation, to the ocean tablescape, the 800 guests who attended as well as the judges, all agreed to the “Best Overall Appetizer and Healthiest dish”!


DIFFA: DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS is one of the country’s largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventive education for those at risk. Merging care and commerce, supporters of DIFFA come from all fields of fine design and the visual arts, including: architecture, fashion design, interior design, photography and consumer product design.

DIFFA has mobilized the immense resources of the design communities to provide more than $38 million to hundreds of AIDS organizations nationwide since 1984.

Dining By Design is a one-of-a-kind, spectacular event that showcases local talent in the design, artistic and architectural community, who are then paired with Table Sponsors or hosts to create three-dimensional dining installations that are works of art.

***Images taken by Metro Luxe Events


Michigan Event Lighting

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone loves to add dimension, color and wow to our events. With use of various lighting, different moods are created throughout the event transforming the ambiance!

There are many state-of-the-art event lighting techniques used in the event industry today. Some examples of lighting are: Up lighting, Pin Spot lighting, Intelligent lighting, Ambient lighting, Gobo Lighting, the list goes on.

Mixing the use of technical lighting with Chandeliers and the warm glow of Candles will give an overall beautiful wash of color, texture and soft light to create an oasis of sophistication.

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone always first considers the effect we are trying to achieve; Bright, Warm, Festive, Glamorous, Formal, Chic. Also keeping in mind that warmer color tones are the most flattering to the skin, ensuring that you and your guests don’t appear ghastly.

After doing a venue site visit, we determine how the light reflects throughout the room, what type of lighting is currently at the venue, how many windows there are if any, all colors used at the specific venue and the size of the room. Next, we incorporate the colors, floral designs and decor that will be designed for the event, to provide a glistening sensation throughout.

The final result; 
a Metro Luxe Events custom-tailored environment that will welcome your guests to the enchanted celebration.

***Images provided by Metro Luxe Events and Pearl Audio Visual


Bridal Brooch Bouquets for the Michigan Bride

Brooch Bouquets are the new trend in bridal fashion.

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone is currently helping a Bride design a beautiful bouquet for her upcoming wedding.

A unique feature about having a custom made brooch bouquet is that you can send the designer any family heirlooms to include in your creation.

Perhaps you have your grandmother's brooch or sets of vintage jewelry that your mother passed down to you, or a special piece that your future husband gave you, combine those collections to include in your bouquet.

Other fabulous   additions to include in your custom bouquet have your friends and family each gift you a brooch to incorporate
into your custom creation.

The end result will be a true treasured keepsake.

For a very personal and special touch, you can also have custom made Bridesmaid Brooch Bouquets as a gift of appreciation.

Brooch bouquets are simply gorgeous; they will last forever, and are a true work of art!

***Brooch Bouquet Designers showcased,


What are your wedding colors?

The exciting color combinations a Bride can choose are endless and set the tone and backdrop for your entire event.

To gather ideas and begin creating your wedding colors, a great idea is to visit fabric and paint stores. View different shades of color combinations that catch your eye. If there is one particular color that you are absolutely in love with, using paint swatches and color wheels will help you decide what other colors will complement your favorite choice.

Choose colors that you love, not just what the trend is. Think about what colors you most likely wear in your clothing or decorate in your home?

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone can help to develop a palette that makes your wedding day vision come to life.

Prepared with a color wheel and fabric swatches, the season of the year your wedding falls in, knowledge of your venue's lighting and any lighting you will use, the color scheme at the venue and ceremony site along with the personal style you want to create, Metro Luxe Events will implement your color selections and design your wedding with a personal touch and unique ambiance.

One very important decision, make sure that your color palette doesn’t compete with the venue’s design. For example, if your venue has deep rich colors and heavy brocade fabrics such as dark greens, golds and burgundy, using bright pastel pinks and purples won’t work; the colors will not blend or convey the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Next, what type of atmosphere would you like to create?

• Formal & Regal
• Romantic & Soft
• Modern & Chic
• Urban & Fun
• Rustic & Al Fresco

Lastly, what type of color scheme are you going for?
  • Monochromatic: Different shades of one color. Examples are different shades of Ivory and White, Pale pink and Blush, Purple and Fuchsia. The monochromatic look can give a formal or romantic vibe.

  • Analogous: Colors next to each other on the color wheel. Examples are Blues and Greens, Reds and Purples, Reds and Oranges, Yellows and Greens. Analogous color schemes produce a rich and vibrant atmosphere.

  • Complementary: Colors located across from each other on the color wheel. Examples are Turquoise and Coral, Lavender and Pastel Yellow, Blush and Dusty Green, Brown and Teal,  Black and White. Complementary colors create maximum contrast and set a bold look.

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone believes in using similar and harmonizing color schemes throughout your wedding day’s events. Have a harmonizing color scheme for the ceremony, another for the cocktail hour and finally another for the reception.  Using this approach is a great way to create separate environments; your guests will be in awe of what’s coming next!

** Images provided by, and


Interior Design Meets Event Design

Today’s Event trends are getting away from the traditional seating and leaning more towards movement around the room.

With that in mind, Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone believes that an interior design approach is necessary to incorporate the client’s vision into a great event.

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone was invited by Laura Rooney of Arkitekture Insitu, for a private tour of their furniture design showroom located in Birmingham, MI.

Arkitekture Insitu is now leasing their floor models for private events to an exclusive clientele.

Their furniture and decor pieces are unique and contemporary; carrying luxury brand designers such as B&B Italia, Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Poltrona Frau and Herman Miller.

From cutting edge light fixtures to ultra-luxury seating, they are the Gucci of furniture and design and will compliment today’s new Event Design concepts.

By utilizing various seating arrangements as well as specialty materials and textures, a true interior design approach, Metro Luxe Events is looking forward to incorporating their beautiful pieces into one of our next events!

**Images taken from Arkitekture


Spring Flowers for the Michigan Bride

Spring has sprung and so has wedding season!

One of Metro Luxe Event’s favorite spring flower is the Peony. Peonies are delicate, yet large in size, romantic and sensual. Their lavish blooms can be kept closed or ruffled to showcase their beautiful petals.

Michigan brides have many options to match their décor and theme, as peonies come in a myriad of colors. Peonies are also very versatile, lending a classic look for the traditional bride, a contemporary look for the modern bride, and a rustic look when paired with other varieties for the casual bride.

Today, most weddings are more personalized featuring themes and décor reminiscent to the lifestyle of the bride and groom. With their vibrant sophistication yet color versatility, Peonies will always be a “go to” flower to enhance your floral décor.

**Images collected from google images.


Bravo Top Chef

Later in the year, we announced that our very own Metro Luxe Events Executive Chef, Daniel Vallone was selected as Top Chef for Best Overall Dish!

The Top Chef competition is now scheduled to air on Comcast's Video on Demand beginning Monday, May 9, 2011.

To view, select Channel 1 Video on Demand, select Get local, select Comcast TV Ch. 900 and then select “Top Chef to view the show.


Miami Lounge Party

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone recently produced a Miami Lounge themed event for a Surprise 40th birthday party.

Our client wanted to surprise her husband with an all out bash for his 40th milestone and also wanted the guests to feel like they were mingling at a high-end Miami night club, beating out the winter blues.

At center stage, over 100 guests sang out Surprise as the guest of honor and his wife walked through the doors. The look on his face was priceless!

The party was held at The Reserve in Birmingham, Michigan where a total transformation of the ballroom was in order. Creating various types of seating throughout the room, we incorporated lounge furniture with big beautiful pillows strewn all over for comfort, cocktail tables draped in silver metal linens, acrylic ghost chairs with retro silver tables were placed in various corners, daybeds with oversized lamp shades anchored the stage, and high linear tables with special seating gave a sophisticated club feel. The room was draped in custom white horizontal draping, while silver carpeting was overlayed throughout the room. A custom, white vinyl dance floor was inlayed in the center of the room for dancing, while beautiful amber and blue lighting gave the room the Miami club vibe that our client was looking for.

For the entertainment,  a live Latin Band started the evening off with an Island beat, while guests mingled and indulged on passed hor dourves and a delectable Sushi Station. 

A Dominican Cigar Roller awed the crowd, hand rolling the finest cigars.

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone designed a Signature Martini Bar that was tended by a fabulous mixolosigist, serving Speciality Blend Martinis in honor of the birthday host.
As the night progressed, we kicked up the volume one more notch. Guests hit the all white dance floor, dancing to  the latest club hits spun by the renowed club DJ, Tom T, while the talented percussionist, Jared Sykes, jammed on the drums keeping the guests on their feet all night.

At the end of a fun filled evening, guests feasted on late night snacks in the foyer, of Kobe beef sliders, Gourmet Pizzas and fried Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches.

Bienvenido A Miami ……….

*** All photography by the talented Kristina of KMS Photography



Winter is a beautiful time to have a wedding; however, Brides don’t have to suffer from having “Cold Feet”.

When choosing the perfect shoe for your bridal ensemble, all Brides want a magnificent shoe to compliment their wedding gown. The winter months can wreak havoc on your soles, so opt to have 2 pairs of wedding shoes.

Metro Luxe Events Candice Vallone suggests when selecting your shoes, have one pair of stylish boots for getting to and from the Ceremony and Reception and another pair to change into for the remainder of your special day.

You can go for ultra warmth and comfort, like the Coach Boot picutred above or go all out on flair with a speciality designer boot.

You don’t have to sacrifice style to cover your feet from the cold of winter.

**Shoes from Top Left to Right:  Mika Inatome Boot, Salvatore Ferragamo Boots, Coach Boot, Lizbeth Bridal Boot, Sergio Rossi Boot


Top Chef

Bravo TV's “Top Chef” Reality TV competition show came to Michigan and held a local Celebrity Chef's competition.  The Event was held at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.  

Three Michigan local Chefs competed for Top Chef and the winner was chosen and judged by Las Vegas 'Top Chef" Ashely Merriman.

A twist was thrown into the competition, with one Chef drawing a knife to find out what the secret ingrediant was to be used in each Chef's dish.  The draw was 'Mint'.

We are very proud to announce that our very own Metro Luxe Events Executive Chef, Daniel Vallone was selected as Top Chef for Best Overall Dish!

Details to follow of when this local "Top Chef" Competition will be televised... Stay tuned!

** Images taken from our own camera as well as Bravo TV's Top Chef site